Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rules and Information

Hello guys, FearTHeFrO here bringing you a brand new tournament coming to the RoC community. I will go over what BNrXCup is all about.

I'm sure if your a roc player, you remember Dinkos W3Cups that he used to host back in the day, and it was a great tournament system. I have decided to make a tournament system similar to that but with minor revisions.

Rules and information:

-The tournaments will start at 6:00 bnet time, or 2:00 eastern time every saturday
-Meet in channel Clan BNrX, if the channel is full, the secondary channel will be "BNrX2"
-Up to 64 players may participate
-Email BNrXCups@yahoo.com anytime from sunday-friday to sign up for the tournament
-No maphackers
-Must have 80 wins on your account to particpate in the tournament
-First two rounds will be BO1 with LT being the first map. The next rounds will be BO3 with loser picking the next map. The winner of the first game will be able to veto 2 maps, the maps that will be played are the solo ladder maps.
-If you win your game, you must whisper one of the admins of the tournament with the result, admins will be announced soon.
- Replays should be uploaded to roc.replayers.com under the tournament name "BNrXCup1, 2, 3, etc, etc
-Rules are not set in stone, if you have any ideas please feel free to email me, rules are subject to change for the time being.

Final Tournament and Point System-

Unlike most tournaments, you will be rewarded for getting far into the tournament and not advancing. 16 players will be able to advance to the "Final Tournament" which will be played after 6 weeks of the BNrXCups.
-3 points for each win
-+6 extra points for winning the whole tournament, and +3 for 2nd place.
-Games after 45 minutes will be considered a Tie and the player with the highest score will be the winner
-The final tournament will be played between the top 16 players
- Whoever has the most points will be seeded number 1, and whoever has the least amount of points (of the 16 players) will be seeded number 16
- Seed 1 will play seed 16, seed 2 will play 15, and so on and so fourth

BnRX Cup #1

-The first tournament will be played on August 1st, signups will start on Friday the 24th, or whenever replayers decides to post this on there site.
-Email BNrXCups@yahoo.com with your account name and realm, remember, you must have 80 wins on your account to participate
-The bracket will be posted on this site saturday morning and will be updated during the tournament

Thanks and hope to see you all there!