Thursday, July 23, 2009

BNrX Cup #1

Signups are now available for the first BNrX Cup. The first tourney will take place on Saturuday august 1st, at 2:00 p.m. est, or 6:00 p.m. bnet time. The channel you need to go to is Clan BNrX. This is a solo tournament.

To sign up, email and leave the following:
Your wc3 account

You must have 80 wins on your account to participate. Please read the previous post for all the rules and information you need to know about BNrX Cup.

Thanks, gl and hf.

Players signed up so far (will be updated when more and more sign up)-

1. rX.FearTheFrO-
2. dg1
3. gosucrymen
4. fredo.own
5. ceron
6. wharfrand
7. lno
8. lostprophets.
9. B090493R
10. noobabuse
11. aBuSe)GoSu-xX
12. frizzy
13. Luffyandchico.
14. Phone]iS[GaY-
15. zerogg
16. jae
17. Hasu
18. GhoST.ReTorNo
20. texan[td]
21. fearme.rawr
22. Fonky-
23. Nitrospell
24. North.Side
25. twf.Shine
26. AidanPryde

27. FroM)koreA


  1. Up until the very recent post on, I was completly unaware of this tournament. However, I think it looks a little bit tempting, and I wouldn't mind trying this tournament out for the fun of it. My mind,however, is wondering as following;
    For me, this will be a new experience in which I as a european will be playing (obviously?) on the Azeroth server. During the days of W3CUP, I had the impression of the garena client being used very rarely. Will that be the case here aswell, or is it possible to instate the garena client as a rule if one of the parties demands it?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. With all the advances in warcraft 3 hosting now days, with vck/dr/garena all that stuff, I don't feel lag will be a problem.

    I've done euro tourneys all the time and it used to be very horrible with lag (back in the w3cup days of dinko) but recently the DR/vck hosts have found the right amount of latency to where i don't lag very much.

    Yes garena can be used, but I'm sorry but if one player doesn't have it and you do, you will have to play on bnet. But I'm sure there will be many vck/dr hosts there to host for you.

    Thanks for your interesting in the tournaments.


  3. *interest

    (bad typo there, haha)

  4. i like how all the europeans are hesitant cuz its on azeroth, when all of the usa players have to play on northrend. so selfish lol

  5. tt i like teamplays...

  6. hope this aint coming from chibi ~~

  7. LostChild-, the reason I made this comment in the first place was based on your exact thoughts. I am fully aware of the fact that the players from Azeroth and Lordaeron are forced to play on Northrend. That's exactly why I made the comment - to find out if a cup arranged by the Azerothians would be different.
    Indeed I am selfish, If I do not wish to play with 100 ping. That is my decision.

  8. come on euros, don't pussy out because of a bit of lag. heaven forbid a mighty euro be humbled by a weak american. prove that euro is better on any host. and, in any case, playing on your own host and refusing to play on opponent's host is basically the definition of bad manners.

  9. I am uncertain if the comment above was directed at me directly; However, this has nothing to do with being a .. pussy. The players from Azeroth and Lordaeron made the decision of playing on europe with higher ping. Their decision doesn't concern me. I shouldn't be blamed for their decisions. I realize this is a game after all, and it's supposed to be fun. Tournaments and cups that are arranged are what makes RoC fun, no doubt. For me, however, it is impossible to play with higher ping. I guess it's a sense of ... taste.

    Calling this matter bad mannered is completly wrong. I do not want you guys to have the wrong idea about me, I am simply saying that garena would solve all problems. But as Fro politely responded, garena will not be a guarantee here. Following, I will at least consider entering the tournament. I believe that is entirely up to me, and this should not reflect back on me as being bad mannered, since that is based on someone else's decision.

    Sorry for taking up space in this comment-section instead of possible questions and thoughts about the tournament.
    By the way, thanks for arranging the cup, it is desperately needed in the small community that RoC has.

    Thanks again,

  10. no problem at all.

    Sorry for the rude comments of lostchild/anonoymous. I understand your situation, but I just can't guarantee there will not be lag. Ill try to get some feedback from the euro people during this tournament and ill let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for the feedback nitrospell.

  11. Yeah, I think these turnies on east will be good for europeans, especially on hosts with vck and dr, hopefully there will be enough hosts so europeans and americans can both have a low ping.

  12. LOSTCHILD THE KINGJuly 29, 2009 at 12:21 AM

    maybe we can get some europeans to host on azeroth so there will be no lag

  13. If i'm out early, or waiting on an enemy, I'm from east and i host games on europe all the time without any problems. I can host for europeans if need be.


  14. should b interesting only it starts 6am saturday for me... how is the tournament going to be structured? will it all be played straight.. is there anyway i could come at 8pm time?

  15. i just noticed the time, 6am a sunday means 8am for europeans, just after a saturday night during holidays. I think that will be kinda funny since i have an electronic festival who will ending at 5am :D
    I will be ready to win.


  16. nah nah fredo it will be 6pm saturday for you the reason its 6am for me is b/c i live on the other side of the world.

  17. its 6pm sunday fredo, not am...

    I tried to make the time good for euro and usa. Its afternoon for usa, and evening for euro. Instead of dinkos tourneys which were early for usa and afternoon for euro. Hope this clears things up.

    And as for you ceron... you can't show up 2 hours late, the tourney will start right away.

  18. awwwwwwwwww lol cant you seed me or something? its obvious i will dominate the first rounds anyway.

  19. ceron, u havnt gone far in any tournaments of this sort right? never really seen you get close to winning. ;[

  20. When I emailed bnrxcups@yahoo I didnt say I wanted to participate in the tournament just host for the people w/ VCK.

  21. ahhhh sorry slayer, i just thought you wanted to play cause you left your account name.

    ill remove u

  22. lol i have only been in one tournament and it started at 2am for me... i guess thats why my track record isnt that good, i'd prefer a change considering most peoples minds turn off after 1am...

  23. if a tournament started 10pm Bnet, 6pm EST i would most probably win the tournament... cant you just seed me to the round, i can get up at 8am which is still real early o.O. how can you have a proper tourni without all the best american server players being in it.

  24. I can't make a tournament time fit for everyone ceron... I'm not changing it for 1 man.... my tourney time is great for both europe and usa. 10 pm would be extremely late for euro to play... if they get far in the tourney they would be going to bed around 1....

    I don't know what to tell you man, just set your alarm clock a little early and wake up -.-

    and I don't understand your statement about "all the best players" not being able to be in it, I think your the only person thats complaining about the time at the moment ceron, thats just 1 player.

  25. Well man its not that I wouldnt want to play, I have something that I may have to do tomorrow and wouldnt want to bail. But thx

  26. the other tournys like ESL1 ESL2 and other replayers tournaments are some uve been in and didnt make it near finals... just wanted to correct you ceron.

  27. there's 27 players signed up at the moment, so 5 players will get a bye and have no game first round. just let ceron get 1 of these 5 spots. this will give him a little bit more time to show up. of course the fairest thing is to randomly select who gets the byes, but giving ceron a first round bye is still pretty fair and it's an easy way of at least trying to accomodate him.

  28. ceron is a good player and very capable of winning this tourny. but this is not a valid reason for giving him priority. giving good players high priority is elitist and tyrannical. all players should be treated equally.

    however, ceron is a very active member of our small community. unfortunately, his location and time zone make it difficult for him to game with us. so i think he deserves a little leeway as one of our warcraft brothers. this is a valid reason to give him a first round bye.

  29. hey steve, whazz uppp?

  30. LOSTCHILD THE KINGAugust 1, 2009 at 9:32 AM

    > this is a valid reason to give him a first round bye.

    i disagree, just like u said all players should be treated equal. its not like uswest players get leeway when playing on europe tourneys

  31. Is it me or is ceron being concieted much...